acupuncture nirvelli day spaBack pain is undeniably one of the most common physical problems today. In this computer age, back pain is even more prevalent because most of time are spent sitting. The reasons for back pain is not limited to sitting and poor posture. There are many possible underlying causes why one suffers from back pain.

Most often, people turn to pain relievers to help manage their back pain. However, as the pain increases the dosage of pain reliever to take should also increase. But that’s not really good for our general health. There are well-known side effects of each medication that we take. So how can you improve your condition without the use of drugs? One natural way to relieve severe back pain is through acupuncture.

Acupuncture was originally used by the Chinese people to relieve back pain. Ancient Chinese discovered that back pains are directly related to our spine because it is the major bone that supports our entire skeletal system. Acupuncture stimulates the impulses, thus increasing the blood circulation in that specific are that the needles are pricked. Better circulation ultimately helps remove blockages and reduce pain.

The Chinese started acupuncture with the belief that our body has 365 energetic points. A needle will then be inserted on these points to remove blockages and imbalances so that the energy and circulation can go back to its original state. Medically, it is believed that the insertion of needles promotes central nervous system stimulation. Our body has its own painkillers and acupuncture promotes the activation those pain killers.

A lot of studies have proven that acupuncture can definitely alleviate back pain. Despite the advancement in medical technology, it is still better to manage your back pain the natural way. Want to give our Cary acupuncture a try? Book an appointment with us here at Nirvelli Day Spa.