Medical Spa & Laser Treatment in Holly Springs, NC

Established in 2003, Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser has won a number of local awards voted on by the people of our local community. From numerous “Best Massage Therapist” awards to Cary Living’s Diamond Awards’, “Favorite Place to get Pampered”, 2 years in a row, Nirvelli Med Spa focuses on bringing you the best quality of service. Our new building has been a dream come true to further provide quality services and relaxation to all of our clients.

Skin Care

Medical Facials

Performed in our medical offices, a medical spa-quality facial cleanse will exfoliate, extract, and re-hydrate skin using a combination of medical-grade products and tools. Suitable for a variety of skin types, these highly-customizable facial treatments do a lot to improve the appearance of your skin and treat common issues including fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, skin texture, pore congestion, and acne.

med-spa-laser-holly-springs-nc Laser Treatment

When it comes to laser treatments – Nirvelli covers nearly all of them. Laser hair removal, laser vein therapy, and laser facials. We don’t just have your standard low-budget laser either, we opted for the best medical laser we could get, so that all of our patients can see the best results possible! Comfortable treatments providing long-lasting results and mean you need fewer sessions.

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Laser Vein Therapy

So what are varicose veins and why do you need to worry about them? Varicose veins usually announce themselves as bulging, bluish veins running just beneath the surface of your skin. They almost always affect the legs and feet in particular. Visible swollen and twisted veins — sometimes surrounded by patches of flooded capillaries known as spider veins — are considered superficial varicose veins. Learn more about our laser vein therapy.

Laser Hair Removal

Having unwanted hair can be frustrating and annoying—especially when you consider that using razors, hot wax and other hair removal methods can be very painful and time-consuming. Fortunately, you have better options out there! Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser’s revolutionary laser hair removal technology is a safe and effective solution for targeting and removing hair on virtually any part of your body. The treatments are more effective and have to be done less often than traditional hair removal. Learn more about our laser hair removal

Laser Facial

With a Laser Facial, your own natural collagen is your best ally in eliminating these flaws and enhancing your skin’s natural beauty. This advanced laser technology available at Nirvelli can actually stimulate the growth of new collagen in your skin. Come see the results for yourself! Learn more about our laser facials.

bathroom-remodeling-gallery-carolina-home-remodeling Medical Massage

A medical massage is the perfect initial lift you need to regain your inner health and happiness at Nirvelli. Simply put, Medical Massage Therapy is the focused use of advanced massage techniques to treat a specific condition and achieve a specific outcome. In some cases, the condition treated is first diagnosed by the patient’s physician. In other cases, the medical massage therapist simply treats the patient based on the patient’s subjective description of his symptoms and following a thorough assessment of the patient’s muscles, posture, etc.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at super specific points in the body. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain in the body. More and more over time, it’s being used to promote overall wellness and generally improve the body, even including stress management. Improve your stress level, sleep quality, digestion, mood, and overall health today at Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser!

Please feel free to contact Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser for any of your spa needs! Between all the different services we offer, we can surely find one that will offer you great benefit!