Medical Spa & Laser Treatment Raleigh, NC

Established in 2003, Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser has won a number of local awards voted on by the people of our local community. From numerous “Best Massage Therapist” awards to Cary Living’s Diamond Awards’, “Favorite Place to get Pampered”, 2 years in a row, Nirvelli Med Spa focuses on bringing you the best quality of service. Our new building has been a dream come true to further provide quality services and relaxation to all of our clients.

Skin Care

Medical Facials

Performed in our own medical office, a med spa quality facial detox will help exfoliate, remove, and re-hydrate your skin. by making use of a combination of medical-grade products and tools. Suitable for many different skin types, these highly-customizable skin treatment options do much to improve the look of your epidermis and deal with frequent troubles which includes fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, pores and skin structure, pore blockage, and pimples.

Laser Treatment

In terms of laser treatments – we at Nirvelli are very proud of all that we can offer with our laser. Laser hair removal, laser vein therapies, and laser facials. We don’t just have your run of the mill super-affordble laser either, we opted for the very best medical laser we might get, to ensure that all of our customers see the best long-term results possible! All of these treatments are more long-lasting than their traditional counterparts and you should generally see better results.

Laser Vein Therapy

What exactly are varicose veins and why should you be keeping a close eye on them? Varicose veins usually show themselves as bulging, bluish veins just under the surface of the skin. Most commonly they’re going to be in the lower extremities – feet, legs, etc. Visible irritated and twisted veins — sometimes encompassed by patches of overloaded capillaries called spider veins — are considered shallow varicose veins.

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Laser Hair Removal

Having undesired hair can be irritating and annoying—and traditional methods of removal like razors and wax can take a long-time and won’t leave you with the long-lasting results you’re really looking for. Lucky for you, their are better options out there! Nirvelli Med Health spa & Laser’s cutting edge laser hair removal technology is an ultra-safe and effective alternative. The results from one visit are just going to be better, and that hair will continue to thin and grow back slower over time.

Laser Facial

When you have a laser facial treatment, your very own natural collagen will be your very best ally to fight these flaws and enhancing your skin’s natural charm. This innovative laser technological innovation offered by Nirvelli can actually stimulate the increase of new collagen in your pores and skin. Can come view the outcomes for yourself! This can help get rid of wrinkles, dark spots on the skin, and so much more! Learn more about laser facials here.

bathroom-remodeling-gallery-carolina-home-remodelingMedical Massage

A medical massage is the perfect service for both dealing with those lingering aches and pains, as well as just generally relaxing and taking a load off. In other words, medical massage treatment can be crafted to your exact needs and is the best way to promote healing, increase movement in an area, and just generally loosen up. On some occasions we work directly off of a doctor’s recommendation, but on the other hand if you come into our office with pain we’ll talk with you and figure out how we can get it treated.


Acupuncutre treatment involves the insertion of very thin needles through your epidermis at very specific points in the body. A vital component of conventional Chinese treatments, acupuncture is most commonly employed to handle general aches within your body. More and more as time has gone on, it’s being utilized to enhance general wellness and healing through the body, it can even help reduce things like the feeling of anxiety. Lower your stress level, improve sleep quality, digestion, mood, and overall health today at Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser!

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