Nirvelli Day spa day spa packagesValentine’s Day is only a few days away, and you should look your best to impress your partner. To get yourself ready for this romantic day rely on the day spa packages from the Nirvelli Day Spa. Treat yourself and enjoy a relaxing and a rejuvenating therapy day of treatments.

Enter a World of Calmness

The primary reason people go to spas is to reduce stress and anxiety. Our spa packages are designed tot offer you relaxing therapies that take you away from the everyday stresses from work and your personal life. Your body and mind need the time to escape from reality and dwell into the world where you don’t worry about anything. This stress release is what Nirvelli Day Spa is meant for.

Massage Therapy

When people think about going to a spa, the image that almost immediately comes to mind for many people is the image of a smiling person enjoying the trained hands of a massage therapist.  There are many types of massage therapy for many different needs. The one that most people have heard of is the ever-popular Swedish style massage which is purely relaxational. Other types of massage are craniosacral, deep tissue, trigger point and others. If you are not familiar with massage therapy but are interested in scheduling one, speak to the front desk and have them describe each type more fully. It might be even better to just describe what it is you’re looking for and they may be able to guide you to the best style that our Cary massage therapists can provide for your particular needs.

Eliminate Poor Health Conditions

Apart from your busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, there are environmental factors responsible that can reduce your body’s and mind’s potential to handle and deal with stress. Our day spa packages can help your body detoxify and assist optimal blood circulation throughout your body. Hence, you will not be vulnerable to poor health conditions.

When your body’s blood circulation is not functioning properly, you are at a high risk of developing some ailments like coronary disease, blood clots, high blood pressure, and body aches due to bad posture. You can have relief from the health related issues with the proper spa treatments.

Enjoy Different Types of Beauty Therapy

When you seek the benefits of our de-stressing therapy, your mood gets elevated and you can enjoy both the physical and mental health by bidding farewell to the stress, body aches and various health ailments. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the different facials, stone therapy and massaging sessions with excellent health benefits.

Indulge yourself with a Cary day spa package.  All packages include a massage, facial and pedicure.  There is a package for every budget and time constraint.

With the help of our affordable day spa packages, you can enjoy an excellent therapy session that brings in the tranquility and peace in your mind and body. The calm and the aromatic ambience of our center will take you to a world of calmness, where you get to pamper yourself with manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. You deserve to get the best of everything and Nirvelli Day Spa caters to your requirements.

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