All You Need to Know About What Day Spa’s Offer

Have you ever visited a day spa? If you have not, then this guide will help you understand why you are missing out on some of the best deals and services that money can buy. After a long week, we all could use some relaxation in our lives. What better way to relax than to visit a day spa in Cary, NC? Below is an outline of all the services offered in a day spa including Massage. Do keep in mind that a massage IS more than just relaxation, massage therapy can have real and postive effects on your body and the way you feel.

Treatments Offered in A Day Spa in Cary, NC

  • Facials: This is one of the most popular treatments in any day spa. It is generally done after a massage. You should take care of your skin professionally by with regular facials at your local day spa. You will not regret it. The facial cleanses, nourishes and exfoliates the skin. This makes it more clear, clean, hydrated, glowing and younger-looking. This treatment is done by both men and women alike.
  • Body massage treatment: A massage is an act of working and applying pressure to various body parts by mechanical and manual means. This boosts the mind and wellbeing of the entire body. It also promotes whole-body relaxation. In fact, it is a recreational activity that doubles as a treatment plan. After a whole week of working and traveling or focusing on your family, you need some good you time. It can be done while a person is sitting or lying down on a comfortable surface such as a bed or floor. There are numerous types of massages including even aquatic massages. Picture your body submerged in water. As it floats around in a warm-water pool, you’re getting a soothing massage. Sounds like heaven, right?
  • Threading: This ancient method of temporary hair removal specifically focuses on the eyebrows. This method recently became popular in the western countries but was initially originating from India and Central Asia. With the aid of a thin thread, a specialist twists this thread on the surface of the skin where the undesired hair is. The twist and roll of the thread on the surface get hold of some hair. Then the professional yanks out the hair with reasonable force, forcing the hair out of the hair follicle. This can be done in any desired pattern to create the perfect eyebrows, and produces great results!
  • Waxing: This is a form of semi-permanent hair removal method. Hair is removed from the root and it can be done on almost every body part. You have the option of waxing your pubic area, feet, abdomen, back, arms, legs, face, and even eyebrows. Just as there are many types of massages, there are numerous types of waxing methods including strip-less waxing or hard wax and strip waxing or soft wax. They are both done by a licensed professional known as an esthetician. Take note that even though waxing can be done on almost all body parts, it should not be carried out on the eyelashes and eyelids, waxing should not be carried out on sensitive skin parts.

So your average day spa is going to have a little something for everyone. Some of it will be more appearance-based like the eyebrow threading, while things like body massages are more for recovery and improving how you feel overall. We cover a broad basis with our services and hope we have something that appeals to you!