Care for Your Body and It Will Care for You

Massage therapy and acupuncture are both ancient techniques that have been used to help the body heal from pain, aches, and other problems for hundreds of years. Modern day research shows that the benefits of acupuncture and massage therapy go far further than just feeling good, they really do have curative effects.

In massage and acupuncture the thumbs, fingers, and palms are used to stimulate the specific nerves in the body that trigger the pleasure and pain points in the brain. This leads your body to give off endorphins or painkillers, which then triggers specific actions that help the body naturally fight off and resolve some health problems. Acupuncture and massage therapy actually help to induce the healing process in the body. You can find these services at our day spa any day.

Reducing Anxiety

Pain, injury, and illness can stress the body greatly. Acupuncture and massage therapy can encourage the healing process by helping you to reduce anxiety and help you relax. You can even listen to calming music and meditate as you experience your acupuncture and massage therapy at a day spa. The experience in itself is relaxing, you should feel the stress wash away eventually.

Restoring One’s Mobility

There are certain massage techniques that can release any adhesions and scar tissue that typically restricts one’s range of motion after a surgery or an injury. It can help you increase your range of motion that you were never able to get back after an injury. Or even if you’re just trying to work on flexibility, working the muscles on a regular basis will help you get to your goal in little time!

Encouraging the Body’s Circulation

The best way to promote blood circulation in the body is by moving as much as you can. Try to breathe, stretch, lie on the floor while rolling from each side, walking around, and swinging your arms. Acupuncture and massage therapy can also promote the circulation of blood and electrolytes all through the body to help in transporting nutrients. Improved circulation helps injuries heal faster, and keeps you feeling limber and ready to go.

Relaxing the Muscles

Tight muscles can decrease blood circulation and they might prevent the transportation of nutrients to areas of the body that need the most healing. Deep breathing, practicing yoga, and stretching can help your muscles to relax while acupuncture and massage therapy can help to release muscle contractions. Stress causes muscle tightness, so alleviating that is the best place to start.

Controlling Pain

Uncontrolled pain in the body is a bigtime stresser. Pain can restrict one’s movement and reduce the circulation of the necessary healing nutrients to the body’s injured tissues. Pain also interrupts deep restorative sleep, which is the time when most of the body’s tissue repair and tissue growth occurs. Acupuncture and massage therapy can support the body’s capacity to heal through the reduction of pain, these practices can hopefully make your pain go away faster. When you’re pain-free, it’s easier to do literally everything.

As A Supplement to Conventional Medicine

In some patients, the combination of conventional medicine and massage therapy has been shown to work wonders. Massage therapy has also been proven to relieve headaches, which are typically the result of muscle tension and stress. In the past, most people did not see the benefits of acupuncture and massage therapy because of fear of pain during the process or ignorance. However, many doctors today recommend this treatment to relieve all kinds of body aches and health problems. Modern medicine is incredible, using it in unison with more holistic approaches could be just the thing you need.