Why exactly is Stretching Important

The idea of stretching comes to many as an involuntary action, it’s just something you always have done before being active. Ideally, you’ll stretch at least once a day every day, just to keep limber. It is important that people stretch on a regular. This is even more so as you age. There are different types of stretches including dynamic and static stretches, you should find a nice balance that works best for you.

Importance of Stretching

Stretching comes with several inherent benefits to the human body. Whether you are workout enthusiast or you, simply love to lay around, it is important to stretch. The following are the benefits of stretching.

  • Promotes Muscle Flexibility and Strength

Without stretching, your muscles tend to stiffen and over time become weak. This is why when you first start out you need to make sure to stretch fairly gently. It helps to slowly reduce the tension so that you can move on to endurance exercising and stretching more/further. An advantage that comes with boosting your flexibility also includes improving your mobility. If you have tried walking with a muscle strain, then you are aware that it is very painful. To help you get rid of such things, you can simply stretch over a short period on a daily basis.

  • Promotes Muscle and Bone Health

By regularly stretching, your muscles remain long and lean. They are therefore; ready to take on various activities because they are healthy. An added advantage of healthy bones and muscles is having better balance. This will prevent you from having any accidental falls or trips.

  • Reduces the Risk of an Injury

Many people, especially athletes may end up with an injury because they did not stretch before and after exercising. This is because stretching helps to warm up the body for what is about to come later. Because the body is better prepared, it has the advantage of going the extra mile. Dynamic stretches play this role better. If you go from bed to sprinting full speed, chances are good that you’re going to pull or injure something in the process.

  • Promotes Blood Flow and Circulation

By releasing tension through stretches, you are able to improve blood flow. This will in turn promote circulation so that oxygen and other basic nutrients can easily reach all the corners of your body. For the best increase in blood flow you should stretch regular and have any trouble spots massaged to increase flow more to those areas. .

  • Helps you Relax

The reason exercises such as yoga are gaining popularity among people is because they help the body, mind and soul to relax. These stretches are essential as they also promote the overall well-being of an individual. You can take on life’s challenges with a clear focus.

  • Loosen up Trouble Spots

Even when an individual has an injury, it is advised to stretch to the extent they can. This will help to loosen tension while at the same time easing pain. The tighter muscles feel, the more painful it is around areas that are tensed. This will also come in handy in minimizing wear and tear on joints.

Stretching is beneficial to persons of all ages. As you age, your body tends to face some physical challenges on motion and flexibility. The above outlines why it is important to stretch. You can join a gym, visit the spa, or join yoga classes for a better insight of which body parts to stretch for better results. Contact us if you need a spa to help your process along. Happy stretching!