Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser laser skin treatmentToday it is common for people of all genders, races, and occupations to get tattoos. They get tattoos for hundreds of reasons, including celebrating, remembering, being fashionable, and honoring. However, sometimes people change their minds and no longer want the tattoo. So, what can be done? A new laser skin treatment is the answer – laser tattoo removal.

Laser Skin Treatment: Tattoo Removal

Are There Other Ways to Remove a Tattoo?

In the past, there was little a person could do to get rid of unwanted ink. The only available surgical options left large noticeable scars, so most people just learned to live with the tattoo.

There are tattoo removal creams on the market, but these are merely repackaged bleaching creams which at best will lighten the surface skin (only where the ink is located).

How Does It Work?

Laser tattoo removal is the only non-invasive solution to removing an unwanted tattoo. The process is effective because the pulsing laser light penetrates the dermis and reaches the ink. Tattoo ink particles are tiny. The laser light is absorbed by the ink, heating it and shattering the particles into even smaller pieces. The body then removes these particles from the body. As more and more particles are expelled, the tattoo lightens – eventually disappearing.

How Long Does It Take?

This natural process of expelling the ink particles takes time and is why laser tattoo removal takes multiple sessions over several months to complete. The first particles removed are in the upper layers of the skin. As the body washes away those particles, the ink deposited in deeper layers is revealed, and then that ink is treated in the next session. Repeating this process removes all the ink eventually.

The entire process depends on the size of the tattoo and the colors of ink used. Complete removal can take 6-10 sessions with a minimum of 6 weeks between sessions.

Why Do the Ink Colors Matter?

Tattoos are now done in a rainbow of ink colors. Some of those colors are harder to remove than others due to the wavelength needed to heat the ink particles without hurting the dermis. Black is the easiest to remove because it absorbs the laser best. Reds, dark blues, and greens are difficult to remove. Light greens and blues are the hardest to remove entirely. (Maybe keep that in mind when getting a tattoo.)

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance and anxiety about pain. People who have undergone the removal process say it is less painful than getting a tattoo. Others describe it as having a rubber band snapped against your skin or a mild sunburn – uncomfortable but not painful. Some providers offer numbing cream before the removal session for highly sensitive people.

What Can I Expect After Each Session?

Clients receiving laser tattoo removal can experience any of these temporary side effects: redness, tenderness, bruising, swelling, blistering, scabs, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. Most of these effects resolve within a week. Pigmentation changes will take longer. The treated area will be sensitive, so using sunscreen is a must. For the best results, follow the provider’s aftercare instructions precisely.

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