Nirvelli Spa and Laser laser hair removal Cary When thinking about laser hair removal, there are many questions. The most common is whether the procedure hurts, actually works, and is worth the discomfort and price. So what makes hair laser removal worth it, and where should you go if looking for laser hair removal in Cary? The answers to those questions are below.

Laser Hair Removal: What to Expect

Is it Painful?

The answer to this question depends on two things. The first is personal pain tolerance. If waxing usually feels excruciatingly painful, laser hair removal will likely be uncomfortable. On the other hand, laser hair removal may be no big deal if waxing never phases you. Most people equate the feeling to snapping a rubber band on the skin and some warmth.

The second determination of pain is the body location where the laser hair removal is being performed. Some body parts, including the bikini line and underarms, are more sensitive due to nerves clustered in those areas. The arms or legs may be less sensitive. Fortunately, a numbing cream is always available to be applied before the procedure.

Is it Worth the Money?

If the end goal is long-term results and less hair growth, it is well worth the investment. There will be money saved in the long run when shavers or replacement heads do not need to be purchased. Those are expensive, and it adds up. Waxing is not cheap either, and maintenance is necessary. With laser hair removal, smooth underarms, legs, and bikini lines last and are one less thing on the to-do list. Not having to buy more razors or book any more waxing appointments in the future is an investment well-made.

So, is it worth it? For most people, absolutely! If you are tired of shaving, it can be the perfect solution. The most important thing to remember when choosing to have laser hair removal is to make sure you are going to well-trained professionals who are experts at what they do.

Nirvelli Spa and Laser

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