treat your feetProfessional massage therapy can be extremely relaxing and satisfying, oftentimes correcting problems you may have unaware of. For instance, Swedish massage therapy is possibly the oldest form of massage therapy available. Swedish massage provides long fluid strokes of tissue and muscle implementing the exact amount of pressure from light to firm depending on your comfort level.

Swedish massage promotes deep relaxation, relief from chronic pain and increases circulation in the body-specifically the legs, feet, toes as well as the arms, hands and fingers, but overall circulation is noted as well.

Following much the same principals of Swedish massage is hot stone massage. Hot Stone massage utilizes the use of hot stones that when placed along the spinal Colum penetrates tight muscles providing deep soothing relief. This form of massage is especially beneficial for people who suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia and other debilitating conditions as determined by your specialist.

Relieve your stress with relaxing and rejuvenating massage therapy. Massage therapy is a soothing way to rid yourself of tenseness caused by stress. With an experienced massage therapist manually manipulating your muscles and soft tissue you will quickly realize why massage therapy is the way to go for complete relaxation, increased circulation, rehabilitate injuries, reduce and eradicate stress, relieve pain, and generally improve overall wellness of clients.

Here at Nirvelli Day Spa, we offer a variety of affordable massages from Reiki, Rolfing technology and Rossiter technique, body wraps the Oleaslim way, Swedish and hot stone massages.

Reiki concentrates on the whole person; physical, spiritual, mind as well as emotional. The benefits of Reiki massage therapy include peaceful feelings, relaxation, sense of security and total well being. Upon completion of therapy you will feel refreshed and have an increased balanced and positive overall outlook.

Rolfing massage therapy consists of deep soft tissue, improves posture, and brings your body’s natural framework into the desired balance and alignment. This form of massage therapy is perfect for those suffering pain from misuse of the body, physical injuries old-or new.

Additionally, those who suffer from painful conditions as a herniated disk, degenerative disk disease, arthritis, curvature of the spine and continual stress injuries as well as carpal tunnel, nerve damage, aids in breathing, increased energy, boost self confidence and relieves mental stress.

Another powerful form of massage therapy is the Rossiter System. This system incorporates two-person stretching which relieves constricted connective tissue to restore your body’s natural system of space. When the muscle tenseness is eliminated, you will notice that your pain and reduced mobility goes away. With improved limberness and dexterity you will feel years younger!

OleaSlim Body Wrap is yet another therapy you may find useful. With the OleaSlim you will lose weight and inches, reduce appearance of cellulite, and feel cleansed with this form of all natural treatment. The use of essential oils in combination with gentle heat makes Oleaslim an effective treatment to detoxify, monitor fluid balance, and eliminate cellulite for slimming and body remodeling. The blend of lavender, thyme, juniper, pine, sage, mint with caffeine activates the enzymatic procedure of lipolysis eases edema, and heightens the content of oxygen in the tissues while the heat enhances circulation of blood and lymphatic waste. The complete result is enhanced wellness, a decreased amount of cellulite, and extreme loss of inches.

When you visit the Day Spa in Cary North Carolina for massage therapy you will be greeted by friendly and professional staff. The massage therapist you will be assigned to will be professional, cautious and well trained in your choice of massage therapy.

We value our clients and look forward to helping you regain total health and well being with massage therapy by one of our trained massage therapists. No matter the type of massage you opt for be it one or more you will quickly see just how effective these massage therapies can be and look forward to many visits from you on future.