Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser acupuncture in Cary Are you feeling tired? Do your muscles ache? Is stress keeping your body tense? The professionals at Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser can show tremendous benefits for the mind and body through aromatherapy massage. The link between massage therapy and aromatherapy has been proven time and time again. It relaxes your mind, and you can feel the tension in your body melting away with a massage therapist’s touch.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

We all know how a massage can be beneficial—kneading the knots away, relieving aching shoulders, dissolving stress, and slipping you into a state of bliss. In addition, massage therapy increases serotonin in your brain and lowers stress levels.

Things become even more advantageous when you incorporate aromatherapy. Essential oils can affect your body differently depending on the types utilized. For example, lavender calms you, while eucalyptus can reduce inflammation and pain. Grapefruit oil acts as a natural painkiller while creating feelings of contentment, and sandalwood increases focus and clarity.

Combining Treatments

When you mix massage therapy with aromatherapy, you may notice you sleep better, and your sleep cycle is more regular. This result is because these treatments relax your muscles and mind, aiding you in reaching a deep sleep cycle during the night. These treatments can also give you a more positive outlook on your emotional health and well-being because the mood-enhancing hormone dopamine, which helps with depression, is released.

Essential Oils

Depending on the essential oils chosen, some can reduce migraines, pain, inflammation, and more. This combination of massage and aromatherapy is commonly used by athletes who have been injured or need to loosen up before the next big game. This process also boosts the immune system by flushing toxins from the body, giving it more healing power.

Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser

Are you ready to release the stress and tension from your mind and body? Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser can help. Our professionals will help you select the best combination of treatments that will have you feeling relaxed and stress-free. Keeping up with the maintenance of your body and mind shouldn’t come second to the rest of life’s challenges. You’ll feel so great that you’ll make it a routine. Consider combining your massage and aromatherapy with a facial or acupuncture session for even better results. For booking appointments for massages, aromatherapy, facials, and acupuncture in Cary NC, call us at 919-297-0107.