Nirvelli Day Spa massage therapy It is costly and frustrating to spend money for your health. Healthcare needs are expensive and can pile up quickly even with a short illness. That said, there are plenty of ways to get tax breaks by using a Health Savings Accounts.

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

It is a tax-advantaged savings account that belongs to the holder of the account even after they change jobs. The saving account reduces your adjusted gross income and lowers taxable income. In most US states the account earns interest tax-free. The funds are available to the account holder year after year and can be used with Medicare after retirement for qualified medical expenses. Each HSA is paired with a high-deductible health plan which usually has a lower premium than a traditional policy. HSA makes it possible for its user to save pretax money and withdraw it tax-free to spend on qualified medical expenses.

HSA offers coverage for a wide range of treatments that may otherwise not be medical necessities. These include gym memberships and massage therapy.

HSA for Massage Therapy

Massages to improve general health and wellbeing do not qualify. Massage therapy can be classified as a medical necessity by HSA provided the patient has a letter of medical necessity from a doctor. Massage therapy may be prescribed by a doctor for a specific injury or trauma or to treat high-stress levels that are causing other diagnosed medical conditions.

The HSA, apart from covering the massage therapy treatment, also provides for Cobra premiums, dental care, vision treatment, weight-loss programs, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, fertility enhancement, and any conditions after the age of 65.

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