Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser massage Cary NCA professional massage can be the perfect way to relax those muscles and feel energized for the week. Including aromatherapy with your massage services can add a layer of healing and relaxation. Of course, you’ll need to discuss your healthcare conditions with your massage therapist, but here is some info to help you decide if adding aromatherapy to your massage in Cary NC can make you feel well again.

Natural Scents Make Us Happier

Whenever you have a chance to get outside, you have likely stopped to smell the roses, the violets, the lavender, and any of dozens of other fragrant flowers and plants. For centuries humans have understood this positive response to flowers, which led to the creation of essential oils or concentrated floral extracts distilled from the blossoms, fruit, leaves, or other parts of the plants. These essential oil extracts are used to scent a room, a candle, or applied with an ointment to the skin. They are a safe non-medicinal way to improve mood and make your surroundings feel warmer and cozier.

When Were Essential Oils Invented?

We can trace the history of essential plant oil being used in healing back to China, Egypt, France, Greece, and India. In the early 20th century, a French chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse coined the term “Aromatherapy.” This term means using essential oils to treat mental or physical medical conditions to help the patient to feel better.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Just like a scent can trigger an old memory, and a foul smell can make you feel ill, a natural floral or plant scent can improve your mood. The essential oil is inhaled through the nose, positively affecting the brain. Since the brain is connected to the nervous system, which controls emotion and physiological responses to smells in the air, it can activate neural messaging. These messages tell the neurons in your brain that they are experiencing positive and happy thoughts. These lead naturally to controlling your breathing, regulating your blood pressure and heart rate, and triggering healing responses in every cell in your body.

Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser

Do you want to take your massage to the next level? Try aromatherapy at Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser. Be sure to discuss any allergies you may have with your massage therapist so they can select the best essential oil to use. To schedule your massage in Cary NC, call Nirvelli Med Spa & Laser and schedule an appointment today. You will feel better for the rest of the day!