Nirvelli Day Spa deep tissue massage How Can I Benefit From A Medical Massage?

Often times, people associate massages with spa treatments or leisure and relaxation. While a majority of individuals who go for massages do it for these reasons, some choose a medical massage because of the health benefits associated with it.

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, an injury, or certain medical conditions, a good medical massage might be just what you need to help you with your healing.

Below are some of the benefits of a medical massage.

Reduces inflammation

Some health conditions and excessive workouts can cause inflammation of the muscles. A medical massage can help reduce the inflammation and stimulate blood flow in your sore muscles right after a workout.

Improve circulation

Medical massages are also key to improving oxygen and blood flow in your body. There are certain mechanisms that are employed during such medical massages to help oxygen and blood flow better within your body. This improves overall healing and good feeling.

Stress relief

Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Do you suffer from anxiety? Besides medication and other forms of treatment, a medical massage can help relieve stress and promote wellness. A massage can offer the same amount of stress reduction as medication without all of the horrible side-effects that those sometimes come with.

Pain relief

Some illnesses are associated directly with pain. Medical massages are part of the treatments used to alleviate pain in specific parts of the body.

Improve digestion

Research indicates that certain types of medical massages help in digestion by enhancing the peristaltic movements in the digestive tract. You may think, why in the world would I want that? Well, some people suffer from issues that may make it hard for them to do these tasks, and any kind of assistance is very welcomed.

Improves posture

Illness, tension or injury can affect posture and cause one to slouch. Medical massages help relieve tension in the spine and neck, ultimately improving one’s posture. Every degree of posture that you lose puts more and more stress on your neck and body, the best thing you can do for your pain and posture alike is be conscious about your posture.

Alleviate headaches

If you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, a good medical massage can help alleviate the pain. Headaches can be caused by pain in the shoulders, neck, or pinched nerves. A medical massage can be instrumental in decreasing some of these symptoms and inadvertently decreasing headaches. Even if your headache isn’t origionated from one of these causes, a medical massage can help to relieve it in part!

Promote calmness

Besides stress, you might be suffering from hyperactivity, anxiety, or even pressure all of which can affect your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Medical massages are one of the therapeutic measures taken to increase the sense of calmness during such times. They help promote clarity and alleviate the pressures that come with everyday living. We could all use a little more calmness in our every day life, that’s for sure.

Treatment of injuries Nirvelli Day Spa massage

Injuries to the knee, back, shoulder/neck, and other parts of the body are usually treated with various types of physiotherapy and medical massage therapy. These treatments help in enhancing movement as well as healing in the affected parts.

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