How Can You Tell If Your Massage Therapist Is Right For You?

Nirvelli day Spa massage therapyIt’s essential to invest in your health, and there is nothing as restoring as a good massage. Aside from promoting relaxation, massage therapy has a plethora of health benefits ranging from decreased chronic back and neck pain to improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety, relieving stress headaches, improving bowel movement, and so many other general health issues.

It’s a common misconception that massage is a one-size-fits-all remedy, however, it’s meant to be a customizable and personalized therapy that is based on individual needs and comfort level. So, how can you make sure the experience is as enjoyable as possible, and most importantly, how can you find a professional who will do more good than harm? In addition to hands-on training, massage therapists study more than just the human anatomy and in order to be licensed practitioners are required to cover physiology, self-care, theory, pathology, neurology, contraindications and limitations, hygiene, professional ethics, business and license procedures, and much more. Your health is so much more than how you look or feel, it and improving it takes so much more work than just working out or getting adjustments.

Comprehensive Healthcare Knowledge

Nirvelli Day Spa massageBefore massage therapists can legally practice, they need to prove that they can fulfill a wide range of client needs by using various techniques and modalities as a part of an all-encompassing preventive care program. The last thing you need is to go for a session to deal with a health issue that can be alleviated by a competent massage therapist only for it to worsen even require serious medical intervention. There are key points to remember and be on the lookout for when shopping around for a good massage therapist.

  • Your massage therapist should be an excellent communicator, he or she must be ready to listen to your specific problem and take adequate time to get to know your health history before your appointment begins. Being able to communicate your, concerns including areas  the therapist should avoid can make the difference between a rejuvenating session and one from hell
  • While there are many health issues that can be improved by a massage therapist, there are just as many types of massage therapy. If you’re not quite sure what any of them involve, your therapist should be able to advise and match you with the one that addresses your needs best.

Some massage will be too hard, others too soft. For example, where a Thai massage useful in treating balance problems and migraine symptoms, a sports massage involves hard compression, pressure point therapy, friction, and joint mobilization to prevent and treat injuries, improve flexibility, and enhance athletic performance. A therapist needs to base your treatment off of your specific needs, their is no “perfect massage”.

The Small Things Matter

To ensure that your session is relaxing and beneficial without any concern, massage therapists should discuss any allergies, such as to essential oils or scents before they start. He or she must also establish that it’s acceptable for them to use various accessories such as heat, light or water on you. A professional will keep a record of each visit and proactively collaborate with other health-care professionals to design the best holistic treatment befitting of your needs. Don’t go to a masseus who doesn’t appreciate you as much as you do them, it takes mutual respect and hard work for you to see the results you want!