Nirvelli Cary Massage TherapyMassage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissue and flexing of joints to relieve muscle tension. There are various types of massage therapies available today ranging from recreational massage to physical therapy massages for people with injuries and athletes. If you have never tried massage therapy in Cary, here are a couple of reasons why you should.

Massage therapy is a great pain relief. According to most massage techniques, targeting specific pressure points along certain parts of the body can bring relaxation and pain relief. The rubbing motion on the soft tissue also helps to relieve inflammation and muscle tension. Massage can help relieve aching pain and stiffness all over the body.

Massages can also help improve your sleep, which is necessary for overall health. Your body works hardest on repair and rejuvenation when you sleep. Therefore, when you do not get enough sleep, it is quite common to experience a lot of fatigue, absent-mindedness and general lethargy. If you have trouble, sleeping, regular massages can help your body improve the simulation and release of hormones that bring happiness and relaxation in the body. This will make it much easier for you to fall asleep and enjoy longer, more restful sleep.

Massages help to improve blood circulation in the body to nourish muscles and organs like the skin, making you look more radiant and glowing. Thus, getting a massage should be part of your skin care regimen. The rhythmic motion of the massage over blood vessels near the skin promotes better circulation. This could also be attributed to massage relief for headaches because sometimes they are caused by lack of enough nourishment to the brain cells.

Studies have also shown that massages are great for your immunity. They increase the white blood cell count, which is the most important body defense against diseases and infections. If you are prone to allergies and infections, getting regular massage therapy can help to reduce the risk or frequency of suffering these infections.

Anxiety and depression are emotions that many people often experience. For most people, a good night’s sleep or a couple of days off work can help. Some individuals resort to medications, which can lead to a lot of dependency. Massage therapy uses human touch in a safe and relaxing context, which is very therapeutic and relaxing. Using massage therapy regularly for anxiety and depression can work wonders if you are undergoing stress or a situation that triggers these emotions.

Book a massage therapy session with Nirvelli Day Spa and we’ll help rejuvenate your tired body. Let us show you what makes our relaxation techniques so special!