Nirvelli day Spa massageMassage healing has been used for centuries. In fact, there are many kinds of massages available which help in healing. Healing is achieved by promoting the flow of blood, stimulating nerves, relieving tension, eliminating wastes in the body.

Carbonic acid and lactic acid build up during muscle activity and causes spasms and soreness after a physical workout. A massage therapist is able increase the potency of the immune system. Increasing blood circulation in the areas affected aids in the recovery of the tissues.

One of the immediate benefits of a soothing massage is inflammation reduction. Inflammation is defined as the swelling up of a wound due to the fight between bacteria and white blood cells. It can cause a variety of problems that include soreness, swelling, redness, irritation, ache and the worst of all “functional loss”. We at Nirvelli Day Spa have professionals that will help you in relieving all kinds of pain and aches related to inflammation through a series of massages that you will enjoy and savor for a long time.

Inflammation of Acute Nature

There are two kinds of inflammation which occur in the human body after an injury whether internal or external. The first kind of inflammation occurs just after an injury or infection in the tissue or skin of humans. The area around the injury swells up and reddens because of the immune system action trying to defend the body. It is a natural response of the body. Therefore, it may not be a worry unless the swelling remains for a long period.

Inflammation of Chronic Nature

Inflammation of chronic nature occurs when the immune systems keep on fighting the injury even after the injury has been healed. The white blood cells have no injuries to fight so they turn towards the healthy cells. This brings about a reaction in which constant swelling and pain becomes part of the daily routine. This can further turn into long lasting health problems.

How a Massage Helps

Massage, besides having other benefits, has been proved to be largely beneficial when it comes to chronic inflammation. It treats the inflammation by allowing the blood flow to increase which consequently eliminates the fluid waste from the tissues. Massage brings back the normal functioning and reduces the swelling. Joints like knees and elbows are mainly involved in the mobility and they are prone to inflammation. This inflammation causes pain and swelling leading to immobility.

Apart from these physical disturbances, inflammation also gives rise to anxiety. Massaging those joints helps not only in reducing the inflammation but also helps in relaxation and reducing anxiety.

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