massage-therapy-relieve-stressAccording to research, massage has many therapeutic benefits such as relieving stress, relaxing tense muscles and pain relief. If you suffer from lower back pain, massage can be an ideal way to manage the condition and improve your quality of life. For massage to be an effective pain reliever, a few guidelines need to be followed.

Have professional massages

First and foremost, massage therapy needs to be done by a qualified professional for the recipient to get the most benefit. Professionally done massages are also safer especially in situations where the individual is in severe pain and sometimes has physical issues. People who lack the experience and skill in massage therapy can cause damage to the muscle or any other tissue where it is directed.

Regular massage therapy

Massage therapy will have the most benefit if done on a regular basis. You may want to start out with sessions on the weekends depending on the severity of your condition. Most importantly, ask your doctor to give you a go ahead before you rush to have a massage. There are some severe cases where massage therapy is not recommended as a pain reliever. Furthermore, massaging certain areas of the body when an individual is sick can lead to more harm than good.

Consider the type of massage

There are different types of massages designed to heal certain areas of the body – including a full body massage. Massages can even be done for mental health. If you have lower back pain, discuss with an expert in Cary regarding the type of massage that is best suited for your condition. You may want the massage therapist to focus on the lower back or any other areas that seem to cause you the most pain. Discuss your options with the therapist before they begin any treatments.

Combine with other treatments

Massage therapy usually works very well if it is combined with other forms of treatment. For instance, if you have severe lower back pain, your doctor might recommend exercising as well as heat and ice therapy. You may also use massage therapy together with anti-inflammatory medicines to deal with pain caused by conditions like arthritis.

There is really no harm in combining these treatments so long as you’ve obtained approval from your doctor. You might also ask us about acupuncture!  Inquire about places in that offer reliable massage therapy done by qualified specialists. Get in touch with Massages are relaxing and an activity you can enjoy as often as you’d like. Book your session today!