Benefits of Regular Massage Treatments This New Year!

relaxing massage therapyAre you in desperate need of a nice relaxing massage? You should try Nirvelli day spa. It offers the best rejuvenating and relaxing massages in the area. Kick off your New Year right by getting a massage. Massages help reduce and relieve tension and stress in the body. This Cary massage will help you start over in the New Year with a relaxed mindset. There are very many positive effects of getting a massage. The most dominant include rejuvenating, realigning and relaxing the body. Long term, getting massage therapy will have you feeling like an entire new person, you’ll be relaxed and loose at all times! Below are the benefits you can expect once you start massage therapy.

  1. Stress relief: This is an essential component for people who are trying to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some studies show that getting half an hour-long massage can help by lowering insulin, cortisol and the heart rate. Self-care should be one of your main priorities for this New Year. Make sure that it is on your resolution list. Including massage therapy in your routine will help you distress and maintain your health. It helps manage anxiety and daily stresses. It also helps by improving the mental and overall physical performance, increasing the energy levels, and reducing any pains. Every massage at Nirvelli day spa will be customized to fit your individual needs.
  2. Posture improvement: The back and neck experience a lot of tension because of the long hours spent without physical activity. Hunching forward as you walk or sit is a clear indication of spine misalignment. The hunch makes some muscles overwork and other remain weak and dormant. This imbalance stresses the internal organs and even affects the digestion process. Poor posture is easy to rectify. The massage loosens the sore muscles making you position more naturally. Maintaining this posture helps prevent back pain. You can get this and more at the Nirvelli day spa.
  3. Flexibility improvement: Due to the sedentary lifestyle of this era, muscle injuries have become common. To make the situation worse, as the body ages the joints get tighter, this reduces flexibility and the range of motion in the body. If you focus on the joints, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues and muscles, the massage therapy could help increase the range of motion and flexibility. This makes the joints move more and reduces the chances of getting an injury. Daily stretching and a massage will help you improve your flexibility. The massage stimulates blood flow throughout the body. This reduces the chance of experiencing wrist pain. It also helps the stressed muscles to relax. Loose muscles are less likely to get sprains and strains. This is especially needed by people who have workout sessions incorporated into their routine. Massages and stretching help them reduce the chances of getting injured greatly and post-workout recovery.
  4. Rehabilitation: The main goal after a person suffers an injury is to treat it and maintain a good environment that is free from frustration and increasing flexibility and strength in the injured area. Massage is a key component in doing this. It encourages circulation, movement and relaxation in the area, which helps the healing process. It helps the body pump nutrient and oxygen into the organs and tissues of the body. It also helps manage pain. Instead of risking an opioid addiction, try more natural remedies such as a Cary massage.