Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser Cary NC massageA massage therapist can work wonders on aching muscles and help to alleviate both pain and stress. First, however, it is crucial to make sure they are both qualified and experienced. If you are looking for a new therapist, you want to check off all the boxes. Below will we talk about the questions to ask before seeing a new massage therapist, as well as one of the best places to go for a Cary, NC massage, Nirvelli Day Spa.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Potential Massage Therapist

Whether you are new to massage or have been getting massages for several years, seeing a new therapist can be a bit stressful. You want to make sure they are a correct fit for you. Here are the five questions you should ask your potential new massage therapist:

  • Are you licensed? If so, where did you get your degree?
  • How long have you been a massage therapist?
  • Do you practice a particular specialty massage?
  • How do you prefer patients to communicate with you during a massage?
  • Is there somewhere I can go to read testimonials and reviews of your services?

If you are also new to massage in general, you may want to ask them some general questions about the process. These can include:

  • What do I wear to my massage?
  • Are there things I should know before my arrival?
  • What can I expect during my first massage?
  • Is it ok if I do not talk during the massage or if I fall asleep?
  • What should I do or not do after a massage?

The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you will be during your massage and with your therapist. A massage is about relaxing, so it is best to put your mind at ease before lying on the table. If questions come to mind during your massage or at follow-up appointments, make sure to ask them. They are there to ensure you get the best outcome from your experience at their spa or practice.

Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser

When looking for a Cary, NC massage, you should check out Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser if you are looking for therapists that have garnered some of the best reviews and testimonials around. They have been voted “Best Day Spa” and “Best Massage Therapist” five years in a row by the Cary News. They are sure to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and leave knowing you got a great massage from a qualified and professional massage therapist. Call 919-297-0107 for an appointment today.