If you have never tried a massage before, you do not know what you are missing. There are various massage therapy styles from different parts of the world including reflexology, Swedish massage, Thai massage and sports massage among others. Different massage styles are directed towards various parts of the body, but all masseurs can agree that massages have some amazing benefits.

Glowing skin

Massage therapy is great for your skin. Cary skin care experts reveal that the rhythmic pressure on the skin makes the blood infuse better with the skin tissue carrying nourishment to make your skin glow. The rubbing motion also prevents wrinkles and sagging skin. The regular gentle rubbing also stimulates blood flow and brings the color back to your skin, and encourages lymphatic drainage to remove the toxins from your skin. A good massage can add vitality and glow to your dull complexion.

Hair growth and health

Most women look for hair products to apply on their hair but forget about the scalp. Massage therapy on your scalp using essential oils can help you grow longer healthier hair because the health and vitality of your scalp determines what comes out of it. The massage helps to boost blood flow to the hair follicles; it can also help to reduce dandruff since the skin on your scalp is better nourished.


Massage therapy can help to boost your immunity. The massage stimulates an increase in the response of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cells (the body’s defense cells) that can help your body’s resistance to diseases. This makes you less susceptible to common infections and improves your general well-being.

Relaxation and mood

You feel more beautiful and confident when you are relaxed and in a good mood. Regular Cary massage therapy can help relieve stress, depression and anxiety among other emotional problems that may hinder your happiness. The improved blood circulation leads to an increase in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles making you more energized and enthusiastic too.  Elevated cortisol (stress hormone) levels can be reduced through massage therapy and increasing serotonin or the happiness hormone in the body. Massages lower blood pressure too.


Massages can help to detoxify your body. Your body eliminates toxins through urine and sweat from the skin. Massage therapies work on your skin to open up the pores, promote better circulation and sweating which helps to detoxify the body. It can help improve your metabolism.

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