What Actually Happens To Your Body During A Massage?

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How Massage Works

Whether you’ve had a massage before or you’re planning to have one soon, you need to know what actually happens to your body during a massage – both mental and physical. Right? Let’s find out! Massages may seem simple on the surface, but deep down they’re very precise and do a lot of different things for and to the body!

The Mental Touch Of A Massage

We call this the relaxation response created by the massage therapy and it’s meant to combat the physical effects of stress. Stress can cause a lot of heart and general body issues later in life. At Nirvelli Day Spa, you’ll experience relaxation gently as your therapist uses the best traditional massage and pain relief techniques for YOU.

At this point, both the heart rate and breathing rate slows down and your body starts moving into a more relaxed state. In the process, the blood pressure decreases and the production of stress hormones go down and the body’s muscles gradually begin to release any form of tension, leading you to feeling more and more relaxed as time goes on!

On top of this, the relaxation response also reduces the risks associated by the physical effects of stress. Massage therefore lowers the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, sleeplessness, hypertension, anxiety, physiological issues, stubborn fatigue and digestive disorders. That’s a pretty good deal right there!

The Physical Touch Of A Massage

This is what we refer to as the mechanical responses of a massage. There are two major effects of the physical manipulation of massage.

One: there is an increased blood and lymph circulation through the entire body and this is extremely beneficial when it comes to cell cleansing and nourishment.

Two: relaxation of the soft tissue – what we call the primary muscles. It involves soothing and releasing the nervous tissues as well as the deeper connective tissues. This will leave you feeling lose and flexible for a while after your massage.

Massage And Improved Circulation

As mentioned earlier, that massage increases the blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. As a matter of fact, massage is a tireless physical exercise that helps move the body fluids around in a healthy way. These are the fluids that are responsible for cleansing and nourishing your body to help you stay healthy, active and energetic through effective removal of waste matter that might even cause slight swelling in the soft tissues.

Massage And Relaxed Muscles massage on table

Did you know that we unconsciously hold our muscles and this can result in a reduction of any painful muscle spasms leading to nerve irritation? That’s why we need massage to help lower the everyday tension we carry around.

When we have a relaxed nervous system, transmission of messages to and from the brain become easier and efficient. This improves the overall functioning of body muscles and organs. Only a massage therapist can access some deeper muscles of the body such as the spinal musculature. It can actually be unsafe for anyone other than a massage therapist to target things such as the spine muscles, they can cause permeant damage rather than provide benefits!

Massages Are Effective For Keeping A Healthy Body Functioning

If you never knew, your body organs too benefits from massage. Having distressed nerves, muscles and bones directly affects your organs. That’s probably why they reflect this when they start to dysfunction. To avoid this and enjoy a more relaxed body overall, call Nirvelli Day Spa now or visit our website for more details about our massage packages.

So, regardless of what may be ailing you, a massage from Nirvelli Day Spa in Cary NC may be just what you need to help you get through everyday life a little bit easier. Contact them today and see what they can offer you! (919) 297-0107!