What Common Ailments Can A Massage Help to Alleviate?

A visit to the spa can do more for you other than simply pampering; it can also be quite beneficial to your wellness and health. Massage therapy is effective in helping to promote blood flow and soothe sore muscles. Massage also helps to relieve stress for most people. Prevention is always better than having to cure things, and this is where massage therapy comes in.

There are various massage techniques employed by therapists to help people get through health conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. You can find massage services in Cary NC, aside from reflexology, spot massages, and Swedish massages at chiropractic offices, hotels, yoga studios, and spas.

Massage therapy  involves manually manipulating the soft body tissues and muscular structure i.e. the ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, and muscle. Regular massages help to keep the body functioning optimally while promoting emotional and physical health in the following ways.

Chronic Pain Conditions

A significant number of people receiving massages do so to aid in alleviating pain that is associated with chronic health conditions, injuries, soreness, and stiffness. Massages are effective in relaxing stiff joints and muscles not to mention it helps to fight the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This is a chronic condition that exhibits symptoms of tenderness, fatigue, and muscle pain. Frequent sessions can relieve stress and alleviate spasms, discomfort, and muscle pain in fibromyalgia patients. Massage therapy has been shown to be quite effective as a complementary treatment. A combination of holistic exercises and massage are also beneficial for treating lower back pain particularly acupuncture massage.

Reducing High Blood Pressure

Opting for regular therapeutic visits to your therapist can also help to reduce high blood pressure and can be a cost-effective, applicable, and safe approach to controlling hypertension and high blood pressure. Massage has been used for alleviating feelings of stress and the fatigue and depressions that comes along with it. The occurrence of depression has been found to be triggered by chronic and active pain and this can result in worse pain or muscle tension.

massage therapy for common ailments


More people are turning to alternative therapies for the treatment of underlying inflammatory and hormonal causes of diabetes. These alternative therapies include yoga therapies, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, dietary supplements and massage. These methods have shown effectiveness in reducing diabetic risk factors and symptoms without the side effects brought about by traditional diabetic medications or treatment approaches. Swedish massage therapies can be effective in helping cancer patients to deal with their symptoms and reduce their distress to encourage recovery.

Lower Muscle Recovery Times

Some massages, specifically sports massages are beneficial for enhancing recovery and athletic performance while keeping problems such as running injuries or ligament tears at bay. Athletes commonly receive massages at their training sites or athletic arenas to warm up their muscles and encourage blood flow before their events.  When one combines massage with other practices such as deep breathing, meditation, and visualization are beneficial in helping to calm the nervous system and promote faster healing between events.

So, regardless of what may be ailing you, a massage from Nirvelli Day Spa in Cary NC may be just what you need to help you get through everyday life a little bit easier. Contact them today and see what they can offer you! Call today – (919) 297-0107!