hot stone massageStress builds up in the body over time. Things like traffic jams, work deadlines, relationship issues or children can cause an unhealthy amount of stress hormones to build up in the body. With time this stress build up starts manifesting into physical problems such as indigestion, muscle cramps and fatigue, headaches and insomnia among other problems. Getting a relaxation massage is a great solution to reducing stress build up in the body. A Swedish massage in Cary is a great option for a relaxation massage. The Swedish massage is one of the best and most widely known bodywork available today.

Swedish massage benefits include:


Swedish massage is done by rubbing the muscle in long stroke. This technique triggers change in the brain chemistry. It increase the production of happy hormones in the body and reduces stress. The massage environment is also quite relaxing. You get to lay down on a massage table in a quiet and comforting environment with dimmed light and great ambiance. The smooth manipulating motion on the muscle tissue is great for total relaxation of mind and body. It can work wonders on your mood.

Improved body function

The massage process helps to improve blood circulation through the body. This can help reduce your blood pressure and heart health. The manipulation of the muscle helps blood flow through congested area, releasing the pressure also helps the blood to flow through to targeted areas. The gentle pulling and squeezing of the muscles also flushes out the lactic acid from the muscle and improves the function of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system operation is crucial for the removal of metabolic waste from the muscle and internal organs.

Lowering blood pressure during the massage also helps reduce the risk of developing anxiety and depression as well as controlling the levels of stress hormone in the body. Regularly getting Swedish massages lowers the risk of having a stroke, heart attack or even kidney failure.

Reduced muscle soreness

The buildup of lactic acid in the muscle and strain from stress can cause a lot of muscle soreness making it difficult to do even simple daily tasks. The therapist can work to remove muscle tension especially in the knotted areas using special techniques. These techniques relieve pain, inflammation and muscle stiffness. The improved blood flow also delivers oxygen to the muscle making you more energetic.

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