What to Expect From Your First Massage

Movies and TV have portrayed massages in bad light which have made people more skeptical about them. More often than not, the image shown is an unrealistic portrayal of what massages are all about. Here’s what you can really expect for your first massage:


Every massage session begins with filling out information about your health history. Even the most seemingly un-important things can have a big impact on your overall experience. Furthermore, your contact information and what you are looking to get from the massage is good to have as well. This is where you explain what you expect to feel at the end of the massage and whether you are interested in a full body massage or a focused treatment on something that has been hurting. Your massage therapist isn’t a robot-like person who comes in and rubs one area and leaves. They work with YOU and your specific body/issues.

After the bulk of the conversation is over, some relaxing music is generally going to be put on. Of course the music should suit your taste, but it should just be there to help you get more relaxed and have a more blissful time.

Getting On The table

massage therapy for common ailmentsIt’s now come time for you to get on the massage table. The masseuse will wash their hands as they give you time to undress and get on the table. You do not have to undress completely. Undress to where you feel most comfortable, as long as the dressing does not get in the way of your massage. Furthermore, it will depend with the kind of massage you want. There will be a space set aside to hang your clothes somewhere in the room.

Afterwards, you can get under the top drape unless you are fully clothed. During your massage, you will be covered by a sheet or blanket if you are cold. The cloth is folded in origami style so that any part of your body that is not being worked on is covered. So if your big fear was laying naked on a table with a stranger near you, worry not!

Massage Time

When being massaged, nothing should truly hurt or feel uncomfortable enough that you need a break. Feel free to speak out when you experience this or when you have questions you would like to ask. Your massage is YOUR massage. And your masseuse is there to both work on your and help you, they have plenty of knowledge and good tips to offer you! You should be aware that some massage techniques feel ticklish or may not feel particularly “pleasant” at the time. In such a situation, speak up and let us adjust our techniques to suit your needs. The key to any treatment is that it’s sculpted around the patient, and that’s what we aim to do.

At Nirvelli, we make your massage experience more enjoyable by bolstering the table. It is quite uncomfortable to lie face down on a flat table. However, the table can be adjusted further using pillows, towels and wedges to support your lower back, shoulders, ankles or chest. It all depends on your level of comfort. During the massage, you may be asked to flip so be ready for that. If you aren’t comfortable during your massage, how can you possibly enjoy it?

Getting Off The Table

When the hands-on part of the massage is over, take your time to come off the table. Roll over onto your side and use your arms to push up to sitting. Do not be too quick with your body movements. Take time to flex your body as you dress. You should be offered some kind of refreshments. Getting up too quickly may make you feel lightheaded after such a long time, take your time and don’t rush anything!

Finally, there will be exit questions about how your massage was, and how you’re feeling now that it’s over. You may be given a few self-care tips and even book your next massage before you head home to enjoy your newly refreshed body!

At Nirvelli day spa, we do our all to ensure that you get the best massage experience of your lifetime. Away with the skepticism. Book an appointment with us today to leave your body feeling relaxed, refreshed and almost brand new!

So, regardless of what may your biggest ailments may be, a massage from the great team over at Nirvelli Day Spa in Cary NC could be just the solution for you. It may be the thing you need to help you get through some of those harder days. Contact them anytime and see how much they can offer you! (919)-297-0107.