Puffy eyes, spotty chin, open pores – Why can we keep encountering the same old issues? It is time to begin handling them zone by zone.

Frustrated by that recurring blemish on your own chin or the under-eye circles that will not change no matter how much sleep you’ve had? Well, you’re not alone. Despite women investing in the most recent skincare technology, experts say many endure recurring skin problems. The key to improving your complexion will be to know your face. Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, create a “face map” and learn about the special needs of each part. You can then target specific areas with specialist knowledge and use it to pick products that can make a difference. Let your face decide.


The difficulty.

Cheeks are prone to congestion that shows up as lumps under the skin. Rosacea, or broken blood vessels that give the face a flushed look, is an increasingly common dilemma for girls.

The reason.

Using cosmetics to conceal cheek difficulties can make women worse. Check to see if your blusher contains comedogenic ingredients, such as reddish dyes, wheat germ oil or cocoa butter. These are consistently seen in makeup, despite their pore-blocking abilities.

The alternative!

We advocate mineral-based makeup to fight congestion. It does not block pores because it’s not laced with clogging ingredients. Giving up smoking can help fight rosacea, and avoid alcohol and spicy foods, which likewise act as causes. Combat redness with Clinique CX Rapid Recovery Cream which calms irritation and helps the healing of distressed skin. Even tone Capillary Repair, reduces the appearance of capillary damage and Rosacure Intensive decreases the visibility of dilated blood vessels, fighting facial flushing.

Chin & Mouth

The trouble.

Active oil glands cause monthly blockage around the chin area, while tiny blocked pores can appear along the lip line. These in many cases are coupled with dry, cracked corners. Enlarged, observable pores can also be obvious.

The reason.

The chin is prone to spots due to pressure and hormones. Open pores are also a problem. As we age, elastin and collagen slacken so pores become more observable. And regular lipstick-wearers frequently find blackheads around the mouth. Lip balms containing humectants exacerbate the issue by drawing moisture from the lips, leaving them prone to dryness and carving in the corners of the mouth.

The solution!

Nirvelli Day Spa Skin careEach night, cleanse once to remove the grime, then again to clean deep down. Follow with an oil-free moisturizer. Don’t squeeze blackheads, you may cause scarring. Use a microdermabrasion kit instead as it will exfoliate deeper and help refine open pores. Invest in pH Advantage Microdermabrasion Gel, or Philosophy The Micro delivery Peel. For more sensitive skin, exfoliate with a natural scrub such as Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub, subsequently apply a mud mask to soak up oil. Try Daintree Purifying Earth Mineral Facial Mask. Avoid lip blockages by using a silicone-based balm, which shields without drying.


The issue.

The nose has numerous oil glands that block readily, resulting in that recognizable prosperity of blackheads. Team this with broken capillaries and dry, flaky corners, and your nose can appear to be a attractiveness battleground.

The reason.

Blackheads are caused when the pores become blocked as a result of stuck, unclean debris, this debris then blackens when it comes into contact with the atmosphere. Other nose niggles are equally avoidable. Broken capillaries are often due to blowing your nose too hard and overzealous blackhead contracting. And be cautious not to over-scrub – harsh exfoliators can damage fragile skin, too.

The solution!

Adroit cleansing and gentle exfoliation will help keep pores unclogged. Products with retinoids or alpha-beta hydroxy acids can help purge pores of stuck dirt. Try Clinique Pore Minimizer, or SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Pore-Refining Gel Cleanser, to keep skin spotlessly clean. Put money into regular facials that include extractions to clear pores without scarring. Back this up at home with twice-weekly exfoliation using a light, fruit-acid based scrub such as Origins Never A Dull Moment Skin-Brightening Face Polisher, for a clear, bright complexion.


The trouble.

The forehead is covered in sebaceous glands, so it is a prime area for congestion. Breakouts between absolutely plucked eyebrows are another common criticism.

The reason.

You may believe your fringe is excellent for concealing a multitude of sins, but it could really be causing the difficulties in the first place. Hair falling on the brow can encourage excess oil flow and sweeping hair away means that filthy fingers touch skin and block pores. Plus, over-partying can cause blemishes between the eyebrows. It is an indication of too many toxins in the liver. While clusters of small blemishes in many cases are due to eating heavy foods too late at night.

The solution!

Clip your fringe out of the way to avoid touching it. Then unclog pores with an alcohol-free toner, for example Estee Lauder Soft Clean Silky Hydrating Lotion, or Biotherm Biosource Softening Lotion, which removes leftover cleanser. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for a week to detox the liver after a heavy weekend. Additionally avoid eating after 8pm. To quiet your system, add Sohum Violette Silk Bath, or OP Therapy Fragrant Bath Salts in Shangri La, to your tub.


The problem.

Dark circles and puffy eyes are indications of late nights. Additionally look out for small white lumps under the surface, called milia, which occur where the cheek meets the eye socket.

The reason.

Chinese diagnostics suggest that the eyes are linked to the kidneys, so dehydration and toxin overload can lead to dark, puffy eyes. The skin under your eyes is more soft than the rest of the face and thus should be treated properly. Choose a product with a light feel and avoid overloading the place, which can cause additional puffiness. And make sure to remove make up gently, averting petroleum-based products. Fatty cleansers leave a residue around the eyes that, when left to build up, blocks pores and can cause milia.

The solution!

Aside from a good night’s sleep, help your eyes by picking cream prudently. We recommend exploiting Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum, lightly from the outer corner of the eye, along and underneath to the nose to help drain a accumulation of fluids. Or attempt an eye lotion that matches your current skincare regimen so the products work together without causing issues. Lancome High Resolution Intensive Retrieval Eye Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Cream, and Anti-Wrinkle Serum, work in synergy. Avoid waterproof mascaras that need oil-based removers, also. Milia that develop mustn’t be squeezed. Have them removed professionally or you risk damage. Minimise your milia potential with Maybelline New York Lash Stylist Mascara. This formula stays put, but can be wiped away with a water-established remover, like Christian Dior Dior Eau Magique Cleansing Water for Face and Eyes. Nirvelli can provide the facials for your benefit!