Facials at Nirvelli Day Spa Cary Any dermatologist or cosmetologist will tell you that a good skin care regimen is essential to maintain a lovely complexion and glowing skin. Most people are often focused on the evening skin care routine of taking off their makeup and applying night creams. But many women do little to prepare their skin for the harsh elements it is exposed to during the day. This trend could be partly because mornings are often busier. Once you develop a routine, it will be easier to stick to it since it easily develops to a habit.

Morning exercise is great for the skin. If you work out in the morning, you are already on the right track. Exercise promotes healthier skin by improving circulation and reducing stress. Getting your heart rate up will send more blood and nutrients to various organs of the body including the skin for a natural glow all day. You can find a short but high-intensity workout that takes only a couple of minutes.

You have probably heard this one a lot of times before but drinking plenty of water is good for your skin. Resist the urge to pound the coffee in the morning and drink two glasses of water instead. Your body will probably be asking for it after your short work out. Hydration is important for your overall health; it also moisturizes your skin from the inside.

Remove any lingering nighttime bacteria by cleansing your face in the morning. Cleansing gets rid of any grease from your hair or makeup residue from the previous night on your skin. Using an oil-based cleanser can remove the dirt without leaving the skin too dry.

Exfoliate using your cotton washcloth. It achieves the right amount of exfoliation without irritating your skin and you can do it every day. Simply run the washcloth under some warm water and run it in circles on your face to remove any dead skin. Massaging your skin using the warm washcloth also gets rid of morning puffiness.

You should tone your skin after cleansing, especially if you are prone to acne or have very oily skin. The toner prevents your skin from overproducing oils.

Use serums since they have a higher concentration of active ingredients that are good for your skin. There are serums for anti-aging, minimizing wrinkles or fixing sub damage. These specialized formulas are designed for different skin tones and skin problems.

Finally, you can moisturize and sun protect your skin. Choose a day moisturizer with a Sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 and above depending on the prevalent weather.

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