Taking care of your skin and nails is important. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. In fact, most people who are too aggressive with cleaning their skin and nails end up causing more harm than good. Bacterial infections can attack individuals who overdo certain nail care routines. So it’s best to keep it simple. Here are ways, according to Cary skin care experts, to get beautiful and healthy nails that even you can be proud of.


Your nails and the skin around it need to be properly moisturized in order to maintain a healthy look. The cuticles on your nails are a protective layer. If you cut them back too far, you end up exposing your nails to a host of bacteria. Cuticles need to be moisturized using the right product just as you would do to protect your skin. Make sure they do this whenever you go for your next professional manicure.

Trim your nails

Long nails only harbor dirt and easily break. You need to trim your nails frequently depending on how fast they grow. Short nails are easier to clean and maintain. You can also use a buffer to make the surface of your nails smooth and prevent ridges.

Watch out for signs of issues

There are some nail conditions which are certainly not normal. For instance, if your nails start to discolor like forming a dark streak underneath, it’s important to consult your doctor. Watch out for thinning or thickening of nails, bleeding around the area as well as swelling or pain especially after a professional manicure and pedicure has been done. It could be a sign of an infection.

Protect your layer

Nail polish doesn’t have to damage your nails in any way. You just need to avoid the ones with harsh chemicals like acetone. It’s also important to apply a nail hardener before the polish because it helps to strengthen your nails.

Take nutritional supplements

There are supplements that can help to boost the health of both your skin and nails. Biotin is one supplement which many doctors recommend to help strengthen weak nails. Make sure you consult your physician regarding the cause of your thinning nails before taking this supplement.

Keep the nails dry and clean

Bacteria can easily grow underneath your nails. Nails can also become too brittle when you use harsh cleaning chemicals when doing household chores. To prevent this, you need to avoid the prolonged and repeated contact with water without gloves.

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