Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser HydraFacial treatmentYour skin is the first thing people see when they meet you. This means that skin care is crucial. Skin that is neglected will often show, so does skin that is well taken care of. Here are some few skin care essentials tips that you should embark on for flawless skin. The best beauty therapists will diagnose and help you manage your skin well.

Avoid touching your face

Your hands will encounter thousands of germs in the course of the day. This will result from touching your surroundings most which are not sanitized. Sensitive skin will succumb to unappealing pimples. It is important to wash your face using a face towel with soap and warm water.

Know your skin type

There are numerous face products in the market all of which are geared towards maintaining one’s face. Knowing ones skin type is of vital importance since these products are suited for various skin types. Some of the skin types are Normal Skin, Oily skin, Dry Skin, Sensitive skin and combination skin.

Moisturize and tone your face

This should be done twice a day; in the morning before makeup is applied and at night before retiring to bed. One should not sleep with makeup on. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. Apply some warm water on the face to open the pores and then apply the moisturizer in circular and upwards motions. You can leave the moisturizer for some time while allowing it to remove dirt or makeup. Continue rubbing the moisturizer to penetrate in the skin. Rinse the face and make sure no moisturizer is left as this may cause skin irritation. After cleansing it is important to tone your skin so that it can retain its normal PH levels. You can use cotton wool to apply the toner making sure that you avoid the eyes. Do not rinse off the toner.

Never squeeze pimples

Squeezing pimples may result to contamination of the pimple therefore making it hurt more. It may also leave a scar which may take time to heal. Pimples should be left untouched and just washed with plain clean warm water.

Face scrub

There are various facial scrub essentials in the market. It is important to scrub your face once in a while. This ensures that dead skin is removed which may result to pimples. It also opens up pores.

Make time to take care of your face and your entire body. Eat a balanced diet to also ensure your skin is healthy. Best of all get in touch with the experts in skin care in Cary to help you along.

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