For women, having smooth and silky legs free of hair can be very important. They want to look their very best, but many get tired of shaving each day or every few days. They don’t like the amount of time it takes or the way it leaves their legs feeling. For women, the legs are the most common area for waxing. This is a process that allows the hair to be removed with a hot waxy substance. A woman won’t have to shave for several weeks depending on how fast her hair grows.

Leg waxing doesn’t have to take very long even though they are areas of the body with the most hair on a woman. We often use fairly long strips of cloth at Nirvelli for this type of hair removal.  Some slight overlapping is often used to ensure full and complete hair removal.  If this is not done, particularly with light hair, a few hairs can be missed here or there that will really become annoying after a week or two.

Many women will tell you that they feel some stinging during the leg waxing process. In order to help avoid this you need to get your legs ready for the waxing process. This includes taking a shower to remove all the debris and dirt from your body. Sweat will make the wax less active than it should be on your skin. Apply a layer of a good lotion before you wax your legs to keep them moisturized and smooth. You also want to apply lotion again to them once you are done waxing.  Nirvelli Day Spa does everything that they can to ensure that your skin is properly moisturized and maintained whenever your waxing is done here with us.

The legs are an area of the body that are very common to have done here at Nirvelli.  For many women, it’s a matter of convenience.  Coming into our Cary NC day spa, even though the actual waxing may be less than a relaxing few moments, we offer a pleasant atmosphere to help you relax and give you a few moments out of your day just for yourself!  They also like to pamper themselves when it comes to body maintenance and this is just one more way that they do it. If you truly want to get the most out of a visit, perhaps adding on a relaxing spa facial or full body massage can be the perfect chance and experience for an afternoon getaway!