Nirvelli Day Spa waxingSummer is a time when you can flaunt your perfect figure in off-shoulder outfits, short shorts, and bathing suits. Waxing is the secret of flawless beauty which makes your skin soft, smooth, and appealing. There are different ways of hair removal, but waxing is recommended most by aestheticians due to the long lasting results and minimum side effects. Moreover, the available products and variety in waxing make it suitable for different skin types.

Benefits of Waxing

Unlike shaving and plucking methods, waxing is safe and effective and doesn’t  harm your skin when it’s done by a trained technician. It makes your skin smooth by removing the hair by the root. After the two days of shaving, hair starts growing and causes stubble which doesn’t only look bad but also causes irritation.  After waxing, you will enjoy the summer without having to think about shaving.  No more nicks from shaving just smooth skin.There is little or no pain to waxing when expert hands perform the job. You need to repeat waxing every 3-8 weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows). Waxing products also remove the dead cells present on the skin and bring out healthy, shiny skin.

Process of Waxing

Make sure the length of hair is about one-quarter inch when you are going to wax – any shorter and the hair cannot be removed by waxing, any longer and the waxing process is more uncomfortable. Whether using a beeswax or paraffin resins, test the melted wax on the skin to check for any adverse reaction. A sturdy cloth or waxing strips are placed over the area where the warm wax is applied. A quick tug and the hair is removed by the roots. This procedure is repeated one small area at a time until all hair is removed for the desired result.


  • Never use any cream or lotion on the skin immediately after waxing because the pores of the skin are open and easily irritated
  • No hot baths and skin services for 24 hours.
  • Never wax if there are any wounds or rashes present on the skin.
  • Apply anti-allergic creams if redness doesn’t go away.

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