We offer waxing as one of our core services here at Nirvelli Day Spa in Cary NC.  We provide waxing of any body part that has hair that you DON’T want. Eyebrows, arms, legs, and facial areas are all common waxing targets. Of course we offer waxing of more private areas as well. Men often come to us for back and chest waxing. Regardless of who gets this service done, it always works the same.

It may the bikini area, or the thin hair line over the upper lip, or hair on the chest and back of men, or hair on legs, and armpits. Everybody wants to know about the method that will help remove hair for a decent length of time and with a minimum of fuss.  Waxing – what is it and how does it really work?

Waxing is one of the oldest and most common methods for hair removal. It can be done both with cold wax and hot wax and now with waxing kits available in the market, you can wax yourself at home. We will warn you, it can get messy real fast. Additionally, it is a lot harder to do that pull properly on yourself than you may think – especially when doing larger areas.  In hot waxing, hot wax is spread on the skin, covered with a strip of cloth, allowed to dry and pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This pulls away most of the hair from the hair shaft. This method may be painful and you must take care of the temperature of hot wax, and skin irritation after waxing. Waxing can also cause folliculititis, ingrown hairs, scars and hyperpigmentation if not done properly and with proper attention to the details.

You can wax any part of the body, small or big in size, except the bikini area. If you are taking oral Vitamin A derivative pills such as Isotretnoin, you need to avoid waxing till your doctor advises. It also applies to topical applications of Vitamin A derivative creams. All these products dry the skin and there is a possibility of hurting the skin while waxing. You should avoid waxing if you have irritated, broken, sun burnt or bruised skin areas. Waxing should be performed on healthy skin only.

Waxing removes hair from the root of the shaft and can remove a large quantities of hair at a time. It takes about two weeks for hair to regrow. With repetitive waxing of areas, you can expect less hair to return as time goes along because of permanent damage to the hair follicle.