Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser medical spa in RaleighBikini waxing is part of self-grooming for every woman. That smooth hairless skin that lasts without irritation or red bumps is the result every woman seeks for those summer days at the beach. If you are getting it done for the first time, you might experience discomfort, but women who get it done regularly will tell you that it is worth it.

Tips from a Medical Spa in Raleigh, NC: Bikini Waxing

Different Styles of Bikini Waxes

Before heading out to the salon, you have to decide on the type of bikini wax result you want. The different styles include Classic Bikini, French, and Brazilian. These styles refer to what hair remains after waxing. Each salon is slightly different, so check their definition of each style before the waxing begins, so you get the result you want.

Be Comfortable with Getting Naked

These days you can find special undergarments to wear during the bikini wax; however, in most cases, you need to be naked from the waist down. Try to be comfortable with this level of exposure. The salon staff doing the waxing are professionals and do this regularly. They will handle everything maturely and professionally and do their best to put you at ease.

Know That It Can be Uncomfortable

You should know that a bikini wax can be uncomfortable, especially if you are getting it done for the first time or after a long time. But don’t let that discourage you from getting one. The smooth skin results are amazing.

Timing is Everything

The skin can be extra sensitive during menstruation. So, it is best to avoid scheduling a bikini wax near that time of the month. Otherwise, it would end up being more uncomfortable than usual.

How Long Will Results Last?

The results of a bikini wax can last three to four weeks. However, you’ll need to take care of your skin right after the bikini wax because the skin might experience some minor irritation. So wear soft, comfortable and loose clothes. Also, use over-the-counter creams to minimize the friction between your thighs and pelvis.

Nirvelli Med Spa and Laser

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