Now more than ever, people are experiencing stress. With a pandemic in full swing, we are all under pressure to protect ourselves and those around us by reducing our worlds to the four walls of our homes. We are in close and constant contact with the other residents, and this can be stressful even with those we love. So, during this time, let’s be sure to practice some self-care.

Self-Care is Important

Nirvell Day Spa self carePeople can get busy doing things to pass the time. They do not realize the fact that they are ignoring one essential aspect of their life – self-care. Of course, we all practice self-care when we are sick, but practicing self-care should be a routine practice – it can even help prevent illness. Self-care involves the process of making sure that the mind, body, and soul are free from any stress. Here are four self-care techniques people should adopt.

Sleep: We often fail to realize the importance of going to bed early. Rest is the most critical aspect of self-care as it can have an impact on our emotional or physical well-being. People must avoid having caffeinated drinks right before going to bed, so sleep comes easily. Sound sleep is going to make a difference, thus rid your sleeping area of all distractions. If exterior noise is a problem, try a white noise machine.

Don’t Neglect Your Body

Physical Activity: Incorporate exercise into your daily routine because it promotes good health and well-being and reduces stress and anxiety. Make a schedule and follow it religiously no matter how busy the day. Taking out time for yourself every day is crucial when it comes to self-care.

Scheduling: Being overscheduled and running from one event to another creates stress. Learn to say “No,” especially when saying “Yes” means that you have to compromise on your health and well-being. Your health should be the topmost priority. It might take a lot of time to master the skill of saying NO to someone, but practice makes perfect.

Social Contact: Don’t lose contact with friends and family outside the home. Reach out to them via phone or video chats. You cannot realize the importance or the impact they can have on your life until you get a chance to connect with them. It is a great way to get rid of all the factors that are causing depression or anxiety.

Treat Yourself

This crisis will pass, and when we emerge on the other side, treat yourself with some self-care pampering. Get a facial, massage, or pedicure. We will be here ready to serve. Contact Nirvelli Day Spa to schedule an appointment at 919-297-0107.