Waxing is an approach used to remove the unwanted hair. Many people prefer body waxing because it removes the hair together with its roots. To have a safe body wax, consider the following tips:

When to wax

You are supposed to wax your body only when the hair is at least ¼ to a ½ inch. So if you have recently shaved or had a wax, you should wait for a bit for the hair to grow out further before you go for a waxing session. The wax literally needs something to get hold of – and until your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long, there just is not enough to “grab.”

Use quality products

The key to a safe and successful wax is to ensure that you use high-quality products. If you are having it done at a spa or salon, don’t be shy about asking them the products they will be using and why they choose them. Nirvelli uses the highest quality products for the best results!

Poor quality products can, and often DO, lead to very poor results. You may end up with bad irritations, redness and even scarring. So be careful with the choice of products.


If you are currently using any medications, you should inquire first to see if it’s safe for you to have body waxing. This is because some of the products you take or apply make your skin sensitive. Waxing a sensitive skin is not advisable as it will heighten the sensitivity.




Areas that should be avoided when waxing

Any areas that have sunburns, blisters, inflammation or any other form of irritation should be avoided during waxing.

Don’t take alcohol before waxing

Some people tend to take alcohol with the belief that it will make the process less painful. This only makes it worse. After you drink alcohol, the pores in your skin become tight. Tight pores make waxing difficult as they as they tend to hold on to the follicle. So you will end up feeling more pain, and the hair may even break at the skin level.

After wax safety

Once you are done, you should avoid exposing the waxed area to direct sunlight for at least a day. Talk to a specialist on the products that you should use in case you have an irritation after. You should also avoid bathing with hot water and using skin products and harsh bathing gels for a day.

For a safe and professional procedure, you should consider going to a reputable spa or salon for body waxing. Check this out.

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